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Everyone has small and big experiences everyday and every year that create who they are. One experience can be as big as moving states or as small as clothes shopping. No matter how big or small of an experience it is, it can add to your journey and transform you. This column is a monthly column in which someone will tell the story of a transformative experience they once had and how it help create who they are today. This column will be a space in which we all can take a minute to expand our perspective, and feel less alone in the journey of self discovery.

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LATEST contributor

Christian Downs

Christian Downs is a creative, young artist, who currently is working on growing his knowledge and capabilities in graphic design and other art mediums. He has an associate's degree in general studies with a focus in criminal justice. He enjoys horror movies, getting tattoos, and spending time with his wife and doggo. His piece titled "Finding the Needle of Success in a Haystack of Failure" discusses the transformation of understanding failure and success. ​



If you are interested in becoming a contributor and sharing your story of transformation, please fill out the form below or email me and I will be in touch with you!
-Sarah Downs
Blog Founder

Thanks for submitting!


Word count

Preferably the story should not exceed 1300 words. If more words are required, submit and we can work on making your story flow precisely together. Write as if there are no limitations and then reread and cut out in editing.


When a contributor submits their story, the admin will read it, and send it back to the contributor with editing suggestions. Once adjustments are made the story should be resubmitted and then posted as is. The goal with editing is to create a story that speaks your truth, with no major grammatical errors.


You can submit a story at any time. If you are interested in submitting and posting a story in a certain month, please let me know upon prior to that month. And this column is set up as a once a month posting, but if there are more submission then that can change.


Tell your truth. Share your story. The content just has to be an experience that transformed you and created who you are. It can be big or small. If the experience is an uncomfortable topic, that is WELCOMED. This is a platform to expand perspectives and therefore, anything is welcomed, and we can all work as a team to tackle uncomfortable topics with compassion.

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