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Journalism and Media Studies Samples

This is a page dedicated to my expanding portfolio of research articles, podcasts, and more journalism-related content.

Orange Clouds

Published Articles

Award Winning Poetry


 I have written an article that explores women and their power in roles of leadership. It's a testament to the amazing power women bring to a world where they are consistently told to dim their light. 

I have many poetry collections and poems that are near and dear to my heart and soul. My award-winning poem "Visibility" is based on the grief that has come from my experiences and encounters with racism. And my awakening in the process of embracing myself without shame.

Writing Portfolio

A Collection of Technical and Editorial Writings.

This is a collection of my writing. There is a mix of both long-form technical writing, short-form essays, and short editorial-like pieces. Overall, this should give you an idea of what I have written in the past.

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