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A Note: My Chosen Family.

As I approach my birthday, (which will be a separate post coming soon), I have been thinking more and more about who I have become and how I have evolved. In high school, I just wanted to have friends. I was often awkward, an overachiever, and tried too hard. Therefore, I remember putting so much time and energy into having friends and people to be around. But so much has changed since then.

As my birthday comes up I am reminded of my growth and transformation. I’ve realized that I no longer seek friendship and instead seek family. My closest friends whom I speak with regularly, or whom I have saved to my emergency contacts list, they aren’t friends, they are my sisters. My family has been handpicked by god for me. They are those who have changed and molded me to become someone I am proud of, and they are those who I know I could call anytime. Of course, I enjoy sharing in the fun life moments with all my friends on social media, but there is something so incredibly intimate about family, and I think that’s what I enjoy most.

So for my 21st birthday, I am not having a party. I am instead spending my birthday intimately, with my family, who care so deeply for me. And I could not be more excited about it.

Song: Love Yourz by J. Cole.

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